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Weight Control for the 21st Century

Lecturer: Peter Mabbutt FBSCH

Weight control is a topic featuring regularly in the media. Whether through image or health concerns, weight management is a major issue that has become central to many peoples lives. Unfortunately for many, human nature in the twenty-first century is to seek the 'quick-fix' approach, one that is ultimately doomed to failure. People invest a great deal of effort and money riding the dieting merry-go-round without any effective long-term outcome. This leads demotivation and a paradoxical increase in weight.

Research shows that effective and permanent weight loss will not occur through prohibition and restriction of certain foods, but comes about through effective lifestyle change. As hypnotherapists it is important for us to understand and acknowledge this and to therefor work with appropriate strategies that will lead the patient towards a healthy change in their lifestyle with the concurrent desired loss in weight.

This CPD event aims to provide hypnotherapists with a thorough understanding of the process involved in hypnotic weight management. We will be looking at the underlying psychology of weight control and at effective strategies that can be employed by the hypnotherapist to help the patient achieve permanent weight loss through lifestyle change.

We will explore approaches to working with simple behavioural weight management issues, and those that involve 'simple' emotional eating. Even though eating disorders per se will not be covered, understanding of the difference between weight control issues and eating disorders will be included.


  • The physiological role of fat
  • The global obesity epidemic
  • Society, image, weight, and why diets don't work
  • A reality check: what lifestyle change really means?
  • Healthy eating and the alcohol factor
  • Making friends with hunger
  • Strategies for working with behavioural eating
  • Strategies for working with emotional eating
  • Goal setting and a five-stage approach to weight management
  • When do eating issues become a disorder?
  • Extensive scripts will be included

Weight Control for the 21st Century (2566)

Saturday 3 June 2017

Weight Control for the 21st Century (2567)

Saturday 1st July 2017

Weight Control for the 21st Century (2568)

Saturday 9th September 2017

Weight Control for the 21st Century (2569)

Saturday 7th October 2017

About the Lecturer: Peter is CEO and Director of Studies for the LCCH where he is responsible for the continuous development of the UK's only postgraduate programme in Clinical Hypnotherapy. He originally trained in Psychopharmacology and spent over twenty years undertaking research in the fields of anxiety, tranquiliser dependence, learning and memory, and phobias. He lectures internationally for the LCCH and has been instrumental in the development of various hospital-based hypnotherapy clinics and research projects in the UK and Southeast Asia. Peter is frequently invited to present specialized workshops and lectures to the international medical and dental communities. Peter is co-author of the successful Hypnotherapy for Dummies, Self-hypnosis for Dummies, and Personal Development All-in-One for Dummies.

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