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Hypnotherapy audio production | 11th June 2016 Glasgow

Anyone may attend - minimal prior learning assumed
Basic computer literacy is required


Ever since the advent of tape-recorders therapists have added value to their treatments by giving patients recordings for use when back home. In many cases there are substantial advantages in patients being able to 'refresh their memories' whenever they need to. This is particularly the case with weight control, alcohol issues, drug-use and smoking.

Hypnotherapy Audio Production refers to the art and science of generating Hypnotherapy CDs and audio files for sale to the general public and to give to your clients.

A lot has changed since the advent of tape-recorders both in terms of patient expectations and in terms of the available technology. Many patients expect high quality MP3 downloads or CD recordings.

The objective of this course is to equip you with all the knowledge and information that you need in order to generate high-quality CDs and MP3 downloads mainly using your PC or Mac. The non-computer based options will be discussed in passing - the emphasis will be on PC based setups. Demonstrations will be via a Windows XP Pro laptop (system setup instructions in the notes include screen-shots for XP, Windows 10 and OSX).

This Masterclass will appeal to the technically minded wanting to fill gaps in their knowledge as well as IT literate technical novices that just want to get up and running quickly. You do not need to have the latest and best equipment and you do not need to expensive audio gear to generate good quality audio CDs and downloads.

You will leave the course with a comprehensive set of reference notes (approx 100 pages) supported by web based resources, including current examples of what to buy. Additional technical detail will be included in the appendices and support website for more advanced users.

The day will be as interactive as possible with multiple live demonstrations of the techniques / issues being discussed.

In detail, the course will cover:

Introduction to audio recording to ensure a level playing field

  • The basic ingredients
  • Terminology used

Getting up and running quickly using a PC (or Mac)

  • Microphone type selection, positioning and interfacing
  • Sound cards
  • Basic software recording, special effects, editing and sequencing (merged V non-merged tracks V mixed) using Audacity
  • CD Production (CD writing) software
  • CD labelling and testing
    • The main software options will be compared (free and purchased)
  • Copy prevention, copyright (and insurance issues very briefly)
  • Speaker systems

More advanced options for higher quality productions

  • Microphone pre-amps
  • Mixing consoles and mixer based special effects
  • Software based mixing (via full duplex sound cards)
  • More advanced software editing
  • Ultra high quality options

Problem solving

  • Recording level issues (microphone mismatch / balanced V unbalanced / signal to noise ratio ...)
  • Interference (pops, clicks, hum, ground earth noise, ...)
  • Sibilence (ssss sounds) issues
  • Volume maximisation
  • Duplex V non-duplex / feedback issues
  • Compression / over editing issues
  • Bit-depth V Sampling rate V Hz V quality V disk space issue
  • Hard drive / memory issues and fragmentation
  • CD recording quality V speed issue
  • CD lifetime / compatibility issues

Other options

  • Handheld recorders
  • "No computer required" CD writing options
  • MP3 Players
  • Bilateral (left-right panning) audio and EMDR

Intro to web based sales techniques

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the web based resources?
A: Essentially a mini-website requiring a userid / password to access it located on

Q: Will it cover how to setup a web shop in detail?
A: eCommerce options will be overviewed during the course with copy and paste code examples available via the support site. The course covers the big picture - the support site covers the low level technical detail.

Q: How technical do you need to be to benefit?
A: Willingness to learn and experiment is more important than pre-existing knowledge. Some level of basic computer literacy is however required. If you know what a mouse is then you can probably benefit to some extent.

Q: Should I bring my my own equipment (computer / microphone etc)?
A: No, unfortunately not. There will be demonstrations using a central laptop. Essentially if everyone brought their own systems (XP [Home / Pro / MCE] / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 [Home / Pro] / OSX / ...) the day would be very long indeed and there would be a major tangle of cables.

Q: Can anyone attend? Do you have to be an LCCH student or BSCH registered?
A: Anyone at all may attend which is also true for most (if not all) other Masterclasses / CPD Workshops.

Q: How often is the course run?
A: This course was last run in 2008 and has been substantially updated to reflect the product offerings available as at 2016


Hypnotherapy Audio Production (2453)

Glasgow Sat 11th June 2016

Please note that payment on the day for this course may not be possible, please pay in advance to guarantee a place

About Bill Frost:

Bill migrated to hypnotherapy from the defence / information technology management sectors having trained with the LCCH. He has been involved in various hypnotherapy research projects including the development of computer based tools to assist therapists. He has hypnotherapy practices in Central London and in High Wycombe and has developed a reputation for the successful treatment of trauma, addictions and anxiety based conditions generally. He has appeared on both TV and Radio shows discussing various aspects of psychotherapy. As well a senior lecturer with the LCCH, Bill's role within the college encompasses responsibility for the LCCH website.

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