The LCCH's partnership with the University of West London

The LCCH’s partnership with the University of West London (UWL) is an historic development within the hypnotherapeutic profession. For the first time individuals from all backgrounds and abilities have the opportunity to gain a bona fide postgraduate university qualification in clinical hypnotherapy. As a higher education (HE) training programme, the LCCH/UWL partnership offers distinctive recognition and a prestigious market position to a new generation of hypnotherapy practitioners.

LCCH Hypnotherapy training: Validated by the University of West London
LCCH graduate: Hypnotherapy training up to PG Cert / PG Dip / MSc levels

Providing hypnotherapy training since 1984

The LCCH was created in 1984 to provide intending practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as those with an interest in hypnosis / hypnotherapy, with the disciplines, skills and tuition necessary to practise hypnosis safely and ethically.

Our aim is to enable our students to deal safely, confidently and effectively with a very wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Practical skills’ training is an essential part of all LCCH hypnotherapy training courses.

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Awards and Qualifications

The LCCH has always maintained that Hypnotherapy is a unique, stand-alone professional discipline in its own right and our courses reflect this. The Postgraduate Certificate Clinical Hypnotherapy (PgCert), Postgraduate Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy (PgDip) and the Master of Science degree (MSc) are awarded by the University of West London.

Our graduates are in the unique position of being able to set up in practice with a postgraduate qualification allowing them to be recognised by any organisation or European Union country that recognises bona fide British University postgraduate awards.

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LCCH student experiencing hypnotherapy during training

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